Professional Services


We maintain an accurate property database, an essential element for the core activity of advising clients of the capital or rental value of property. Whether the requirement relates to acquisition, disposal, taxation, asset valuations or compulsory purchase, the same careful standards are applied by way of the RICS Valuation-Professional Standards.


Buying, selling or seeking commercial and industrial property is not a simple exercise. It demands knowledge which only a seasoned professional can provide. Contacts and knowledge of the property market produce results. Rather than taking the passive role of awaiting responses to newspaper advertisements, we offer a pro-active style while at the same time harnessing the increased market exposure afforded by the various commercial property databases to which we subscribe.

Rating Valuations

One of the biggest outlays for any business is Rates, effectively a tax on commercial property, and it is imperative that businesses ensure that the Rates Burden is not overstated. Barring a Material Change in Circumstances, proprietors only have a right of appeal once every five years although new proprietors have the right to appeal within six months of purchasing a property or taking on a lease. Alistair Paterson FRICS, has been involved in every Rating Valuation since 1977 and advice can be given on Valuation, exemptions, small business rates relief scheme, and related matters. The next Revaluation will now take place in 2017 and it is important for Ratepayers to be aware of the Appeal procedure in anticipation of this.